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Launch your ball and experience an entirely new dimension in this action-packed 3D pinball game!
Robo Pinball uses a 3D engine that makes never before seen movements, perspectives and visual effects possible. The underlying physics simulation completes this funny and original pinball game.


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Robo Pinball is completely free and can be played online in your browser.

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Quotes and reviews

Robo Pinball is an excellent, original concept, Shockwave 3D pinball game from Germany. It combines old-school pinball action with 3D graphics and elements of a first-person shooter, all wrapped up into one.

Jay Bibby

3D flip-fest. Basically pinball with cool blue 3D graphics and a fairly decent difficulty level ...


Additional information

Robo Pinball was developed by Projekthelden, innovative Kommunikation und Gestaltung.